1.   Well the third RANCBA VIC cruise is done and dusted. Everybody commented that they had a great time  were very happy with everything Carnival Spirit had to offer. We had a very diverse group this time. 2 stokers, a steward, a greenie, a shipwright, 5 ex Wrans and all arms of the Comms branch. We all fitted in very well. This was helped by the evening daily meet and greet at 4 PM, plus the group eating together in our corner of the dining room.

2. The sea was kind to everybody with only a few lumps on the second last day. We missed out on 1 island only due to an elderly lady (not ours) needing to be medivaced off. We had to turn back towards Noumea until a French navy helicopter with a medical crew to stabilise her and then lift her off to Noumea. Thankfully she mad a complete recovery.

3. We had a tour of the bridge - 15 males and 5 females was the max allowed. We presented the Captain with an RANCBA plaque. Unfortunately the ship did not have one to offer in return. I tried to wrangle the presentation at a complimentary cocktail party as on previous cruises, but they outsmarted me and used the bridge tour instead. Cant win them all!!

4. 14 of us had the most amazing executive chefs dinner one night, $90 per head. It was nothing short of amazing. Far better than any other I have had. We were served courses both in the Galley and our own private dining room. We also had copious red wine included and beer for one of the stokers. We have had this dinner on all of our cruises, but this was nothing short of amazing and outstanding value.

5. The ship was very generous with photos for the group. We all received complimentary exec chiefs dinner
photos. plus photos for all on the bridge tour. We took photos of the group on a stairway and hopefully you will find these attached to this email. If not I shall forward them to you all via email.

6. The real value of this very diversified group was that it was small enough for all of us to sit around at each nights meet and greet and have everybody involved in the conversations. Also again at dinner as we moved around each night, which allowed us to get involved very nicely.

7. Well that's about this trip done and dusted. Whats next?? there was some serious talk re flying to Singapore, catching up on some old haunts and then sailing back to Sydney!! If anybody would like to supply some feedback please do so either on 0418 524 067 or via email on nokkaj64@yahoo.com.au.

8. Finally a little add for the next Communicators national reunion which will be held in Geelong in 2019, 7 to 11 November. It is taking shape very nicely and should be an outstanding event.  Keep an eye out on this website or at www.rancba.org.au
and register your interest. We will be providing plenty of information as we progress.

One small piece to wet your appetite is we have the
Navy band featuring at the Saturday evening dinner.

Cheers All

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