1.  Just a brief update to remind everybody of a few minor points, plus to wish you all a safe trip to Port Fairy.
A.  Please don't forget to bring name tags, those that have them.  We will have stick ons  for those that don't have one.
B.  We have two buses for Saturday - a 57 seater and a 25 seater.  Please don't be late as we need to depart right on 1 pm.  Please share yourselves onto both buses so that the large one is not too crowded.
C.  Laurie Jones who works at the Vietnam Vets Museum has belt buckles for sale at  $5 each.  These normally retail for $28.50 at the museum.
D.  We have some very interesting items for both raffles, the meet and greet and Saturday evenings dinner.
2.  That's about enough from me, but if anybody has any queries please call me on  0418 524 067.    See you all next weekend


UPDATE #3 (08Mar17)

1.   All activities for the weekend have now been locked in place.  The weekend will commence at 4pm on Friday the 24th with a Mini golf tournament for those interested.  It will be conducted by the park, who will also be supplying prizes and we thank them for their kindness.

2.   The meet and greet kicks off between 5.30 and 6 pm in the function room.  BYO drinks and please a small platter.  Any queries please ring me on 0418 525 067. We will also be providing some Pizzas and once again we will be having a raffle with very exciting prizes.

3A.   Saturday commences with the park providing a pancake breakfast at 8.30 am at the camp kitchen.  We will open the function room for those that would like a little more comfort.

3B.   There is a market in town on Saturday morning which is next to the tourist info centre at the lower end of the main street.  Also for information, the RSL is on the other side of the Tourist centre.

3C   The information centre could not handle our large group due to other bookings. however they have provided me with self conducted tour maps of the Historical areas for those that would like to for groups and do this tour - duration approx. 1 hour.

3D   Lunch is independent as there are lots of lovely cafes in Port Fairy.  Two that we recommend are Rebeccas café and Rock Salt both to the right at the main intersection coming from the park

4A   The buses will be picking us up at the park for departure at 1 pm.  Please don't be  late as we have a tight schedule.  Firstly we will be heading to an extremely interesting venue for a 1 hour tour.  Especially interesting for those interested in gardens and monuments etc.

4B   Next we will be heading inside a very large and old Volcano at Tower Hill on our way to Warrnambool.  Its a scenic drive through with some short walks plus an information centre. But primarily a big hole.

4C   Next we head off to do a scenic tour of Warrnambool city and surrounds - unfortunately its not whale berthing time of the year.  We then return to the park for a freshen up for dinner.  The buses will be transiting us to dinner and back to the park so that everybody can be completely relaxed and not have to drive.

5.   Sunday - We will be providing breakfast at around 9 AM.  This will be in the function room again.  It will be our regular full and tasty breakfast and will include Reggie Robbins very tasty and traditional Pussers train smash for all to enjoy.

6.   Don't forget payment can be made online on Rancbavic website for everything except Saturday night dinner which is paid direct to the RSL.  If you have any queries re this payment please ring Gary Swanton on 0430 339 921 and he will be pleased to  assist you.


1.  We are very pleased to advise all those booked and others planning to attend that all activities  we have been planning have now been put into place including Bus quotes.  We feel sure that this will be another very enjoyable regional reunion.

2.  The list of those currently booked appears below and I am aware of quite a few more that intend to book.  We have a 57 seater booked (same as Wodonga) and a 20 seater.

3.  At the moment the only time we can fit in the holiday park mini golf that they have offered to run and provide prizes is 4 pm on Friday prior to the meet and greet.  I will confirm this in the next update.

4.  Catering:  In the last update I requested that people bring a plate.  Some plate options being - Fruit platter, Sliced meats, Vegan and Gluten free, Biscuits, Cheese and dips, Party pies, Dips, sausage rolls.  Feel free to use your imagination on whatever else.  Unless you are bringing your own speciality could you please text or email me your choices, so we don't get too much of the same.  We will also be providing cocktail frankfurts as well as Pizzas.

Note:  BYO drinks for the meet and greet.

5.  The costings will be similar to Wodonga -  All bus trips $20 per person which includes Saturday tours, plus transfers to and from dinner. 

6.  Registration and Payment is to be done online using our online booking system >>> HERE

Meet & Greet is $6ea per person

Bus Hire is $20 per person

Sunday Breakfast is $6ea per person (Breakfast will be Bacon and Eggs, Hash browns, toast etc plus hopefully Reg Robbins famous  train smash.)

Saturday Dinner is $25 per person and is similar to Wodonga - 2  course with 2 options of each course.  - ​Payable at the venue

7.  In the next update I shall have a detailed list of the activities on the Saturday.  all very interesting  options.  If anybody has any queries so far please give me a call on 0418 524 067 for clarification.


Attendees @ 08Feb17
John & Rachel White plus Simon Wolfe - Ian & Marion Schubert - Roy & Lyn Barber, John & Sue Falk
Clive & Yvonne Voss - Frank & Lorroine Lawton - Barry & Stella Downs - Rob & Lucy Dix - Barry Kane
Jan & Rick Easom - Sharon & Ray Mundy - Ann Drohan - Jan Withers - Gary & Deb Swanton
Leslie & Kim Hutton - Kim & Heather Parry - Ern Power - Howden & Julie Jennings - Les Thurgood
Keith & Geraldine Crew - Brian & Ritva Harley - Hugh & Pat Green - Tina Norton - Ted & Lyn Murray
Frank & Evlyn Hoy - Ray & Sandra Knights - David & Vi Kelleher - Andrew & Jan Mills


For those that wish to get the most out of tourism as they travel to Port Fairy for the reginal reunion in march 2017, I have the following information for you.

Firstly please note that if you would like to travel via the Great Ocean Rd, it is best to travel East to West as all the areas you can pull over to take in the views are on the ocean side of the road - South.  There are two ways to get to Port Fairy from the general direction of Melbourne.  Travel on the Princess Hwy towards Geelong - note the new Hwy by-passes Geelong.

The first and fastest route is to continue past Geelong via Colac, Camperdown & Warrnambool.  This is a simple drive and I recommend Camperdown for lunch.  It has some excellent cafes and beautiful large trees throughout the township. After Camperdown keep your eye out for the many stone walls that determine property boundaries, many 100 years old (nearly as old as me).  They have been restoring these walls and some are really beautiful.

For an outstanding drive, take the Great Ocean Road but be sure to allow the whole day.  Prior to commencing the drive you could stay at the Big4 Anglesea for a day or two and Rachel and I will look after you.  Apart from a good discount we can advise you of further viewing spots and an excellent map of the GOR (One in Chinese if you prefer).  If you cannot stay with us, here are a number of options along this beautiful drive.

Just before you reach Anglesea, on a stretch know as the mad mile is the GOR Chocolaterie.  A massive display of all forms of chocolate with 40 Chocolatiers, 38 French and Belguins plus 2 Aussies being trained.  A huge place with a 350 seat café.  Also if you are travelling the Princes Hwy then I can advise you how to take in this fabulous establishment.

After leaving Anglesea you travel through Aireys Inlet together with Fairhaven.  There is a famous pole house in Fairhaven beside the GOR and a beautiful view of the ocean along this stretch.  Then the memorial to those that built the road (The Arch) is a popular stop.  then as you wind through the bush you pop out in Lorne. A beautiful town very popular with tourists and holiday makers.  It has a permanent population of 900 which grows  to well over 20,000 in holiday periods.

Then comes the bushfire and landslide ravaged small holiday towns of Wye River and Kennet River before you reach Apollo Bay.  A good spot for lunch.  Once upon a time the good Submarine HMAS Otway did surface just offshore with the boys going off for a spot of lunch, no doubt and a drink or also.

You can then visit Cape Otway if you wish to wander off the GOR, otherwise continue to the 12 Apostles. Next a stop off at the Cheese factory at Allensford is worthwhile, you will notice the site where most of the Western districts milk is processed also.  You then rejoin the Princes Hwy to Warrnambool with a further 28 Km to Port Fairy.  The park is on the left of the Hwy just prior to the township.

For those that would like a stopover in Anglesea or a visit to the Chocolaterie, or any other information, please call me on 0418 524 067 and I can run through all options with you.

There will be further updates in the New Year so until I would like to wish everybody a very healthy and

Happy Christmas and new year with your families.


John White

Regional Reunion - PORT FAIRY, Victoria
24 - 26 MARCH 2017

Registration and Payment is to be done online using our online booking system >>> HERE